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Tours Nazca Lines Peru

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Tours Nazca Lines Peru

Discover the Mystery of the Nazca Lines in Peru

Embark on a fascinating journey to explore one of the greatest enigmas of world archaeology! Nazca Lines Tours in Peru will take you on a journey back in time to the ancient civilization that left its mark on the Nazca Desert.

Testimonies of an Ancestral Civilization:

The Nazca Lines, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are a set of gigantic geoglyphs that stretch across the arid landscape. These mysterious figures represent an artistic and technical feat of the ancient Nazca culture, whose legacy endures today.

Fly over the Enigmas of the Past:

Get excited when you board a panoramic flight over the lines, where from above you can appreciate the majesty and precision with which they were drawn. The figures represent animals, sacred geometry and abstract shapes that continue to fascinate experts and travelers alike.

Museum and Archaeological Sites:

Explore the Nazca Lines Museum, where artifacts and recreations will transport you to the daily life of the ancient Nazca people. Then, visit the nearby archaeological sites, discovering the vestiges of an advanced society that inhabited this region more than a thousand years ago.

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