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Machu Picchu Mountain

The Machu Picchu mountain (with an altitude of 3082 m.a.s.l.) is part of the eastern foothills of the Salcantay massif, in Cuzco, Peru. It is part of a large orographic formation known as Batolito de Vilcabamba, in the Central Cordillera of the Peruvian Andes, it is known mainly for being the mountain that par excellence gives its name to the sanctuary and to the archaeological site that is located on its slopes and that are considered heritage of humanity.
Unlike the neighboring mountain Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu is much larger both vertically and horizontally and lacks archaeological areas in its upper zone, on the contrary, it is the mountain where the archaeological site is located and, as a whole, the Historic sanctuary of the same name, with more diversity of fauna and flora, highlighting the presence of birds such as the Junín canastero (Asthenes virgata), the white-browed tijeral (Leptasthenura xenothorax) or the Parodi’s hemispingo (Hemispingus parodii), among others.

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