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Best airlines to visit Machu Picchu Peru from USA?

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The best airlines to visit Machu Picchu Peru from USA

Planing a visit to Machu Picchu from USA?
Finding flight tickets is definetely important to have no inconvenience during your trip to Peru. The “best” airline, however, can depend on factors such as your departure city, travel preferences, and budget. Here are some major airline options our passengers have used to travel to Peru:

LATAM Airlines:

Starting with LATAM: a major South American airline and one of the largest in the region. Their decades experience in flights, offers safety while traveling to Lima, the capital of Peru, from several cities in the United States.

American Airlines:

American Airlines, a major U.S.-based carrier, connects passengers to Peru with a comprehensive route network. Renowned for its convenience and frequent flights, American Airlines provides a range of amenities, including spacious cabins, in-flight entertainment, and various travel class options.

Delta Air Lines:

Delta Air Lines offers passengers a reliable and efficient way to reach Peru. With a strong presence in major U.S. hubs, Delta provides seamless connections to Lima. Passengers can enjoy modern aircraft, a variety of in-flight services, and the option to choose from different travel classes.

United Airlines:

United Airlines is a well-established carrier offering convenient flights to Peru. With a broad network and numerous departure options from the U.S., United provides passengers with comfortable travel experiences, in-flight entertainment, and various amenities. United’s partnerships with other international carriers enhance travel options.


Avianca, a prominent South American airline, connects passengers to Peru through its hub cities. Known for its commitment to customer service, Avianca offers a pleasant travel experience with comfortable seating, in-flight services, and a range of international destinations.

Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines, based in Panama, is a reliable option for passengers traveling to Peru. With efficient connections and a strong presence in the region, Copa provides a comfortable journey with modern amenities. Passengers can expect quality service and a choice of travel classes.

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