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Which is the best Circuit at Machu Picchu 2024?

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Which circuit to choose at Machu Piccchu 2024?

The Citadel of Machu Picchu implements circuits within its design to efficiently and sustainably organize the flow of visitors. Firstly, these circuits facilitate access control to various areas; additionally, they ensure the conservation of the site and, most importantly, provide a safe and pleasant experience for visitors. The circuits at Machu Picchu in 2024 have prices ranging from 20 USD to 55 USD for foreigners.

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To begin with, there are daily access restrictions due to the 5 categories that are challenging to choose; moreover, the ticket sales system offered by the Ministry of Culture is also flawed. The provider of this service has recently changed; however, our best advice is:
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Here are the general costs for each ticket for access to the 5 tourist circuits!


The Circuit 1 enables the exploration of both the upper and lower parts of the archaeological site of Machu Picchu. Since this journey is one of the best routes, you will have the opportunity to discover various iconic constructions, including the Foso Seco, the Mirador del Templo del Sol, the quarries, the Conjunto de Espejos de Agua, the Plaza de Pisonay, and the Archaeological Reserve itself. Surprisingly, the estimated time to complete this circuit is approximately 2 hours. Therefore, you can immerse yourself in the rich history and architecture of Machu Picchu.


Circuit 2 is essentially an extension of the previous itinerary; besides, it provides an additional variety of points of interest. In addition to what was mentioned in Circuit 1, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the Plaza de los Templos, the Roca Sagrada, the Doce Vanos, the Qolcas Orientales, the Pirámide del Intiwatana, and the Templo del Cóndor.
Optional: Puente Inca’s route.


Commencing Circuit 3, you will ascend the Machu Picchu mountain, with an estimated duration of approximately 2 hours, where you will have the opportunity to capture many extraordinary moments. In consequence, upon descending, the option to take the iconic classic photo opens up. Following that, upon completing the journey, it is necessary to exit and re-enter from the lower part. Moreover, the attractions you can contemplate include the Foso Seco, the Conjunto Templo del Sol, the Canal de Agua, the Conjunto Casa del Inka, the Fuentes del Agua, the Qolcas, the Zona Agrícola, the Conjunto Espejos de Agua, the Plaza Pisonay, and the Archaeological Reserve.

4TH CIRCUIT: (40 or 55 USD ADULTS/ 20 or 32 USD KIDS)

In contrast to the previous circuits, Circuit 4 has two types of entrances.

Above all,
The Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu ticket (55 USD for adults and 32 USD for children):

Renowned for being the first to sell out, it is specifically designed for extreme adventurers. By and large, this ticket allows you to undertake the hike to the summit of Huayna Picchu, an integral part of Circuit 4.

In comparison, this circuit begins at the lower part, also known as the urban sector. By the same token, to enjoy the attractions of Circuit 3 and, additionally, contemplate the Qolcas Orientales, the Roca Sagrada, the Doce Vanos, and the Temple of the Condor.

The Machu Picchu + Huchuy Picchu ticket (40 USD for adults and 20 USD for children):

For this purpose, it will guide you from the lower entrance to the summit of Huchuy Picchu, located next to Huayna Picchu. This route, in contrast, inaugurated by the Ministry of Culture of Peru, is designed for hiking enthusiasts.

By the same token, the entrance to Huchuy Picchu shares the same Circuit 4 and checkpoint. Generally, the estimated time for this circuit is approximately 2 and a half hours. Similarly, it is relevant to remember that in both tours, the classic photo with the citadel is not allowed, but the opportunity to capture the image with the respective mountains is provided. In the same fashion, in both tours, the classic photo with the citadel is not allowed, but the opportunity to capture the image alongside the respective mountains is provided.


Certainly, if, on the other hand, you prefer to explore Circuit 5 of Machu Picchu, you will experience a unique journey with an approximate travel time of 1.5 hours. In the first place, this circuit immerses you in highlighted locations such as the Qolqas, the Agricultural Area, the Water Canal, the Dry Well, the Temple of the Sun Complex, the Inca Complex House, the Water Sources, the Set of 3 Fundas, the Pisonay Square, and the Archaeological Reserve. Consequently, it provides an additional opportunity to explore the historical richness of Machu Picchu and appreciate its impressive architecture. impressive architecture.

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