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How many days can an american stay in Peru?

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Peru, a South American gem known for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and ancient ruins, is a popular destination for travelers worldwide, specially for Machu Picchu. For Americans planning a visit to this enchanting country, it’s crucial to understand the visa regulations and the permissible duration of stay. 

How many days can an American stay in Peru?

Before making travel plans, it’s essential to grasp the visa requirements for American citizens visiting Peru. Additionally, understanding the permissible duration of stay is crucial. Peru, like many countries, has specific rules and regulations governing entry and stays for foreigners. 

American citizens can enjoy a visa-free visit to Peru for tourism purposes, with a maximum stay of 183 days in a calendar year. Furthermore, this allows for a comprehensive exploration of Peru’s diverse attractions, such as Lima, Cusco, Puno, Sacred Valley, Arequipa, Amazon River, Machu Picchu and more.

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