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Machu Picchu is chosen for the 6th year, as the best tourist attraction in South America in 2023, in the 'Oscars of tourism'

Once again, Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world, is recognized worldwide with another award and reaffirms its tourist excellence in South America.

What prize did Machu Picchu win at the 2023 World Travel Awards in South America?
The award as the best leading tourist attraction in Latin America for Machu Picchu. The award was received by the executive president of PROMPERÚ Tourism Promotion Office in Peru, Angélica Matsuda.

Where did the Oscars of Tourism award ceremony (the World Travel Awards 2023 of South America) take place?
The event was held in Saint Lucia, a Caribbean island in Central America, the awards ceremony was at the regional level of South America and the Caribbean. Where Machu Picchu was the big winner.

How do I travel to Machu Picchu Peru?
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