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Travel to Machu Picchu from La Paz to Cusco with a direct Avianca flight

Viajar a Machu Picchu de La Paz a Cusco con vuelo directo de Avianca
La Paz residents will be able to travel to Machu Picchu from La Paz to Cusco with direct Avianca flight Airline reported that flights will develop tourism and trade between the highland capitals of Peru and Bolivia. How long will the flights between La Paz (Bolivia) and Cusco (Peru) be? The Colombian airline Avianca will fly the Cuzco (CUZ) route to La Paz (LPB), on a direct flight that lasts 1 hour from October 30. How many flights will there be from La Paz to Cusco? The Bolivian Peruvian route will have 4 weekly frequencies, flying on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the flight from La Paz to Cusco will be in the morning and the return Cusco – La Paz will be in the afternoon, and will offer 5700 seats each month, on their AirBus A320 aircraft. Erika Hundskofp, commercial manager and country officer of Avianca Peru, informed that “We are excited to announce this new route, which not only shortens distances, but also strengthens the ties between these two cities, promoting their tourism and economic development. Now, exploring the magic of Machu Picchu and the authenticity of La Paz is more accessible than ever.” The travel and tourism agency Machu Picchu Travel reported that this frequency will once again interconnect the Peru – Bolivia circuit, with which the Machu Picchu tour with the Uyuni salt flat will be interconnected again.
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